Introducing AgriBITs: The New Event for the Agrifood Digitalization Community

Connecting Innovators, Facilitating Growth, and Embracing the Future of Agriculture

 Utrecht – the Netherlands, December 14, 2023

AgriBITs Summit 2024: The New Stage for Transformation in Agri-Food Solutions

Save the date: Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands, September 5 & 6, 2024

AgriBITs Summit 2024, is being introduced by the organizers of VIV Worldwide, as the new event, embracing innovation and spreading the knowledge on all things Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Digitalization for sustainable food production. The summit will delve into crucial topics shaping the future of the agri-food industry, covering solutions from arable farming, indoor agriculture to animal farming.

Attendees, mainly comprising of leadership teams, R&D professionals, Product Managers and Engineers from  agrifood machinery and equipment manufacturers, can expect an insightful exploration of Digitalization & AI, covering relevant tools, enabling technologies, big data availability, policy implementation and the transformative power of computing data. The audience at AgriBITS Summit 2024, will have the chance to advance on perspectives on reducing emissions, optimizing water and energy usage, and improving animal welfare. The goal is to outline a roadmap for the industry’s future that aligns with global sustainability goals.

The summit will explore lessons learned from diverse sectors such as Medical, Automotive, Logistics, Weather forecasting, and Retail/Home Delivery, shedding light on cross-industry collaborations and innovations. The international perspective on IoT, AI and Digitalization will also be highlighted, with a focus on different regions, including insights from China and the United States.

“AI is a revolutionary technology, with interesting opportunities for the agrifood sector. The AgriBITs event helps to better understand the technology, the latest developments and the potential use in practice, through presentations from top-experts and real-life applications from leading companies. Therefore, I would encourage everyone to participate in the event” quoted Dr. Aalt A. Dijkhuizen, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the event.

The summit will feature Best-Practice sessions, providing valuable insights from partners and participants in AgriBITs. These sessions will showcase successful strategies and innovations, contributing to the ongoing transformation of agri-food machinery and its broader implications, while discussions on policy and regulatory considerations by the EU Commission will provide a holistic view of the challenges and opportunities in advancing the field.

 For more information, how to be part of AgriBITs as a speaker or a sponsor, visit www.agribits.nl 


Press contacts:

Ms. Lida Kokkini, Senior Marcom Manager at VNU Europe, lida@vnueurope.com

About AgriBITs | AgriBITs is a pioneering agrifood digitalization community that serves as a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and growth in the agricultural industry. By connecting Agrifoodtech companies with digital solution suppliers, AgriBITs drives the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, fosters deep networking opportunities, and supports the development of industry standards. To learn more about AgriBITs and join the digital revolution in agriculture, visit   www.agribits.nl

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