Introducing AgriBITs: The New Event for the Agrifood Digitalization Community

Connecting Innovators, Facilitating Growth, and Embracing the Future of Agriculture

 Utrecht – the Netherlands, July 6, 2023

AgriBITs, the new agrifood digitalization community, announces its inaugural event, set to take place from September 4th to 6th, 2024, at the vibrant city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. This game-changing knowledge and business platform will bring together Agrifoodtech companies, digital solution suppliers, governmental bodies, investors, and industry experts, providing an ideal setting for networking, exchanging of ideas, and industry advancement.

AgriBITs aims to bridge the gap between Agrifood technology suppliers and digital solution providers, offering a unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies, establish meaningful connections, be educated and get inspired. By facilitating deep networking sessions, AgriBITs will enable the cultivation of fruitful collaborations that drive the digitalization revolution in the agrifoodtech sector.

The event will feature a comprehensive two-day conference and exhibition program. Participants can look forward to immersive sessions focused on data security, policy setting, and the development of standards across all agricultural production sectors, including arable, indoor and livestock farming, as well as feed and food processing. In addition, AgriBITs will host an informal gathering on the evening before the main event, fostering a relaxed environment for engaging conversations and relationship-building. Moreover, a high-level event will take place on the second evening, creating an exclusive platform for industry leaders to engage in strategic discussions.

Exhibitors at the event will have the opportunity to meet agrifood technology manufacturers, large growers, farmers, co-operatives, dealers, distributors, feed and food processing companies, as well as academic and governmental industry experts, investors and industry media. AgriBITs offers exhibitors an easy plug-and-play participation model, while allowing them to stand out by taking advantage of various sponsorship opportunities, ensuring maximum exposure and visibility during the event. Start-up companies under five years of age can benefit from value-packages at a discounted rate, further encouraging their connection to the industry leaders and growth.

For visitors, AgriBITs provides access to a wide range of exhibitors and experts, such as companies specializing in sensor technology, AI and big data analytics, IoT, 5G and networking technology, cyber security, app development, automation and robotics, machine-to-machine communication (M2M), simulation and digital twin, identification tracking and tracing, positioning technology, remote control, as well as miscellaneous consultancy, organizations, and certifications.

AgriBITs is set to revolutionize the agrifood industry by addressing the pressing challenges of sustainability, labor scarcity, population growth, and the need for efficient and cost-effective food production. As these drivers shape the future of agriculture, AgriBITs plays a pivotal role in connecting Agrifoodtech companies with digital solution suppliers, fostering innovation, and driving transformative change. With a focus on sustainable practices, AgriBITs empowers participants to explore cutting-edge technologies that optimize resource utilization, reduce environmental impact, and enhance productivity. The event aims to drive the agrifood sector towards a more sustainable and resilient future. By joining AgriBITs, attendees can be part of a groundbreaking community that leverages technology to tackle the challenges the industry faces.

Press contacts:
Ms. Lida Kokkini, Senior Marcom Manager at VIV worldwide, lida@vnueurope.com

About AgriBITs | AgriBITs is a pioneering agrifood digitalization community that serves as a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and growth in the agricultural industry. By connecting Agrifoodtech companies with digital solution suppliers, AgriBITs drives the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, fosters deep networking opportunities, and supports the development of industry standards. To learn more about AgriBITs and join the digital revolution in agriculture, visit www.agribits.nl  

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